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i received a very gracious call from senator coleman in little while ago. he wished me well, i wished him well, and we agreed that it is time to bring this state together. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] host: democrat al franken will officially become senator frank and from minnesota. he will be sworn in early next week. and it will be the first time in 30 years that the democrats will control 60 seats in the senate.
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we want to get your reaction. 60 democrats in the senate. democrats, you can call -- host: here is the front page of "the minneapolis star tribune." the front page says at last, a senator. a shot of the new senator and his wife at his home in minneapolis. more about the numbers in this race. if you look below here it says 230 days, and that is what it took before minnesota had a winner. -- 238 days. 2.9 million votes were cast. 215 votes is what normal coleman led by. but 312 votes out franken led by after the court ruling.
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$50 million total cost. $12 million was the cost of the recount. and the number 60, senate votes allied with democrats, calling it a filibuster-proof. if you go to the front page of "of the hill," -- "the hill, " and then there were 60. but health problems prevent the party from actually being able to field its full team on a given vote. senator robert byrd from west virginia was released from hospital tuesday after spending a few weeks there. it included treatment for a staff infection. and senator edward kennedy, democrat from massachusetts, should also continue to miss time as he battles a brain tumor. harry reid's spokesman said the seating will not automatically give democrats absolute power. "the crises we've inherited were
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not traded in a day and will not be fixed overnight." "move america toward recovery still requires collaboration with republicans." a lot more on this as we spend the first hour on the senate story. west new york, new jersey, on the democrats' line. caller: he did be a pessimist. i just don't think it will make a difference. host: y. not? caller: our president and harry reid always talk about bipartisanship, think they cannot get anything done without the republicans even though republicans a jam stuff down our throats for eight years. the democrats have been called since ronald reagan. i do not expect anything to get done even though 76% want a public auction, that will not happen because corporations own of the democrats almost as much
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as they own the republicans. i think it is a sad day. we will have 60 votes in the senate. it is not going to make a difference. host: plymouth, indiana, a republican collar. and we will look at some more of the minnesota papers. caller: good morning, thank you. i do not think it was a surprise. if you look at the country and the ethnicity, and populations of this country changes from white to non-white, you will see more and more democrats voted in. catering to the non-whites, it is not a surprise. the only thing as a white republican i hope is that the democrats can truly be democrats and screwed the country up enough that finally the republicans, conservative republicans, which there aren't many, come back to the light and
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take back the country. host: west virginia, independent scholar -- independent caller. caller: it does not mean a whole lot to me -- i do not think much will change. really i'm an anti-republican but independent is the close i can come. democrats will not change a lot. i do hope and have some feeling that the republican party has gotten so obviously bad that they just may disappear like the whigs did and maybe we can get a real people's party. host: back to the democrat line, bill. your party now controls 60. what do you think? caller: yes, we actually -- excuse me, they don't have 16 votes. they have 58. there are a two independents you
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are counting. of course a lot of the democrats are independent-type thinker's anyway, so they did not actually run in lock step and they may not be able to get 60 votes on all of these items. especially health care. host: thank you. "west central tribune," franken gets last laugh. finally: franken, it says. a shot of the new senator that gives democrats control, 60 seats -- caller just reference that. midland, texas. caller: he is a comic, and what i would like to see on both sides of the houses is why don't we just do a flat tax?
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would that be the best thing? everybody has to pay for everything with a flat tax. host: thank you for calling. here is "the washington post" version. minnesota court ruling gives democrats a 60-she -- 60-seat majority. the democrats now have their largest majority in the senate since 1978, but their ability to prevent filibusters as they attempt to push president obama's agenda is likely to prove illusory. a pair of prominent democrats, edward kennedy and robert byrd, have missed a raft of votes although senator byrd was released from the hospital yesterday. it is not sure how often it will be hit -- he will be president of the chamber. efforts to maintain party unity are also hampered by the presence of a clutch of centrist democrats such as mary landrieu from louisiana who opposed the
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public auction in health care reform that would seek to create a government program to compete with private insurers. a number of senate democrats representing states that rely heavily on manufacturing jobs have also expressed concern about the climate change bill, another obama party that passed the house. a quote from the american enterprise institute, the idea that you've got 60 reliable democrats for votes for sweeping policy change simply doesn't work. it's not the reality of it. hagerstown, maryland. thank you for waiting. richard on the independent line. caller: i hope america realizes the games but democrats and republicans are planning. they will only do what the health care people tell them to do. they will continue milking us out of money. they know the government plan will work. they have one. their health care is covered with the federal government
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plan. it does not matter if they have the numbers because they will always play the game, a little bit of republicans will vote for democratic causes and a little bit of democrats will vote for republican causes. housewives, mothers, teachers, you will have to get the jerks out of office. they will never work for the american people. that is the biggest farce i ever hear from any politicians now that they are working for the american people. what they are working for is corporate america. host: north carolina. a ban on the democratic line. what does it mean to you? caller: i think it is great. democrats haven't controlled the senate. host: what issue would you like to see them use the seats to make the most progress on? caller: just about anything. host: anything you would like to
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add? thanks for calling. a shot of former senator norman: in "the wall street journal -- senator norman: in "the wall street journal." he conceded at a news conference. and here is a short piece of former senator norm coleman. >> the supreme court of minnesota has spoken. i respect its decision and i will abide by the results. it is time to come together under the leaders it has chosen and move forward. i joined all minnesotans in congratulating al franken. sure, i wanted to win, not just myself but for the wonderful supporters who worked so hard and prayed so hard and put some much into this effort. and for the important values i always fought for. i also thought it was important
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to stand up for enfranchising thousands of minnesota and whose votes were not counted as others. issues and politicians come and go, but voting is fundamental. we knew we needed to do everything we could to get it right. i am forever grateful and humbled that the people of minnesota gave me the honor to represent them. even more grateful for the wisdom, courage, patience and understanding. host: it was a unanimous ruling. 32-page ruling. the court said he failed to show state election officials were in error. what you see is the secretary of state in minnesota signing the election certificate for democrat al franken. this was in st. paul yesterday. governor pawlenty said he will certify the results. "the washington times" next to this photo, a little background information. born in 1951 in new york city.
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he is jewish. his wife is frannie. educated at harvard, bachelor's degree in 1973, and career highlights, stand-up comic, writer, actor, producer of "saturday night live." cn and commentator for the democratic convention in 1988. co-executive producer and co- writer of "when a man loves a woman." executive producer of "the al franken show." he will be sworn in next week. anchorage, alaska, republican line. caller: i think the whole thing is a travesty. i don't see how a judge can overlook the fact that but -- that in a lot of these districts there were more votes cast than people. how can they overlooked such an obvious case of fraud?
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host: "the wall street journal" writes about his politics. while indisputably liberal, aren't entirely predictable. he did not oppose the iraq war at the outset. he has been close to the military, performing for u.s. troops. he opposed the $700 billion financial-services bailout and acknowledges that a single-payer health care system isn't feasible in today's political climate. "i think on paper it looks pretty good, said a communications strategist who worked for several senate republicans." but the reality democrats will have to have bipartisan legislation, that is where republicans will remain relevant. that is an "the wall street journal." california, back to the independent line. caller: i have to agree with the first caller.
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i'm rather pessimistic as i have seen the health care matter go down the drain. i am appalled that we are not going to get a public auction, and it seems bizarre that 70% of the public want a public auction and 40% of us are not insured and the lies of the insurance company -- companies are from of. no way a public auction could be worse than the bureaucracy, roadblocks and profit motives and inefficiency in -- that the private generates. host: back to the democrats' line -- calvin from louisiana. democrats have controlled. what does it mean to you? caller: it doesn't mean anything to me, and it doesn't mean anything to america if you really follow the situation. for example, corporations run this country. everybody knows that. we as americans just need a way
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to share with. for example, mary landrieu has taken $1.6 million from insurance lobbyists. i would like to see a list of every politician there, senate and congress, a list that shows how much money each of them has received from corporations. that's the problem in this country. we as americans need to stand up. the constitution gives us a right to go out into the streets just like the iranians and protest and stay there until these changes are made. host: appreciate you calling. if you are a user of twitter, you can send in your message, follow us at c-spanwj to see the guest lineup, schedule, and to comment. just go to to learn more.
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here is "the wall street journal," their second editorial. they call the absentee center, senator frank in the absentee senator. the unfortunate lesson is you don't have to win the vote on election day as long as your award -- lawyers are creative enough to have enough new were disqualified ballots counted after the fact. this is the second time republicans have been beaten in this kind of legal street fight. 2004, dino rossi was ahead against the democrat. hartstein demanded the right to rifle through a list of provisional but that hadn't been counted, setting off a hunt for huntgregoire votes. this was the model for the franken team. he goes to the senate after effect of a stolen an election. if the gop hopes to avoid a repeat, it should learn from minnesota that modern elections don't end when voters cast ballots. they only and after the lawyers
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count them. michigan, republican line, tony. caller: i totally agree. so far the democrats in the senate have been debating on this health care. there is so much crap in it and so much junk that it is laughable that they are passing it through the congress. but, you know, republicans in congress finally cut through by seven votes -- that is a majority? seven votes? there have to be something there. there is something wrong when you have so many democrats not voting for it. host: frederick, maryland. billy is on the line now independent -- billy is on the line now.
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independent. caller: i don't think it is a big deal. the blue dogs them up -- blue dog democrats, as the years progress, i noticed democrats were winning most of the elections outside al franken are blue dog democrats and they are center-left. within the democratic party, there is going to be a lot of fighting about what to do. writing -- they will not let obama run roughshod. host: you are breaking up, but we understood the point. here is a tweet. dems having 60 means they have to pass all that they ran on and get it done. no exclusions -- no excuses. " the philadelphia enquirer" has this piece. it is also not certain that 60 democratic controlled boats would back a health care plan, though under senate rules
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adopted they would only -- would only need 51 votes if it's considered after october 15. still, republicans said 60 votes under democratic control make a difference. here is a quote -- with just 59 votes, senate democrats in recent months have passed trillion-dollar spending bills, driven up america's debt, made every american taxpayer a shareholder in the auto industry and now want washington to take over america's health-care system. it is troubling to think about what they might not accomplish with 60 votes." that is from senator john court in from texas. thomas, democrats line. caller: how are you doing? i have not talked to you in a while. i think they are going to have a difficult time because republicans, they do not get sick, they all have jobs and they all own their homes. so instead of them voting for america, they are voting for the
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rich republicans who have their jobs, their homes, and money. host: we will talk at 7:30 a.m. eastern time with a reporter from "congress daily." erin mcpike, more on this story and how it came about and what it means on capitol hill especially next week. the senate is coming back next week and has a busy july and august plan. including but confirmation hearings for the supreme court. we understand how frank and may sit on the judiciary committee. jacksonville, fla., sammy, a republican. look on the other side of the aisle, what do you see? caller: out franklin went and stole the election. -- al franken went and stole the election. a clown in the white house and now in the senate. they control it all. we will see the damage. i get tired of hearing these democrats wanting universal health care. if they are bunch of losers.
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all they want is something for free that somebody else has to work for like me. 80% of the people are happy with their health care, including me, and these people, they want something free. like these caller this morning, just talking about the rich republicans that go out and work. i guess the democrats, they just don't want to work and they want something free. i appreciate you taking my call. host: appreciate your calling. another tweet -- i think that deep in the bowels of the capital that the democrats are terrified. they now have little excuse not to socialize the u.s. rich, independence caller -- independent caller. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. al franken getting the senate seat -- you know arnold schwarzenegger probably became governor because he used to be an actor. that is how i feel about how al franken got the senate seat. personally i was thinking maybe we cannot completely trust of one whose face looks like -- host: georgia, anzack online -- zach on the line. caller: it is imperative for democrats to do what they promise. there is little excuse. i am a lifelong ted kennedy democrat, i always have been. but we've got to act now. and one thing i really think needs to get pushed through is gay marriage. i know it is not number one on everyone's list, but we have a democrat in the white house and majority and the house and now a
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majority in the senate. if it is going to happen, it needs to happen now. host: @ a little bit more from al franken yesterday after the supreme court will from minnesota -- a little bit more. >> for those minnesotans who worked for me, volunteered, voted for me, i can't tell you how grateful i am. when you win an election this close you know not one bit of effort went to waste. and for those who devoted their time and energy to supporting senator cooleman -- coleman, i can only imagine how hard these past months have been. no matter whether you voted for me or for senator coleman or you voted at all, i want the people of minnesota to know that i'm ready to work for all of you, that i am committed to being a voice for all minnesotans in the u.s. senate. i know there has been a lot of
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talk about the fact that when i am sworn in i will be the 60th member of the democratic caucus. but that is not how i see it appeared the way i see it, i'm not going to wanted to be the 60th democratic center. i am going to washington to be the second senator from the state of minnesota, and that is how i'm going to do this job. host: here is another tweet -- hoping that he votes for what minnesotans want rather than what the money and d.c. once. he is no guarantee for a dem vote. from "the washington post." he will be thrust immediately into one of the highest profile pieces of political theater, confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor. democrats have been holding a seat on the judiciary committee for the harvard-and get a franken, will also serve on the health, education, labor, and
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pensions committee, a prime perch in the health-care debate. the longtime activist is likely to be a reliable vote for the party won nearly every issue and has largely praised obama's performance. but beyond the sotomayor hearings, franken has indicated he will attempt to keep a low profile. in an interview he said he will seek to replicate the model of former senator hillary rodham clinton who generally eschewed major speeches in the first few years to focus on learning the internal dynamics of the senate and tried to avoid upstaging her colleagues. the next call, rapid city, south dakota. linda, republican collar. caller: good morning. a couple of things. i don't think it matters whether the have 60 seats in the senate because i believe the entire government is run by very few people appeared they control our money through the fed. they are going to be controlling our energy and they will be controlling our health. for the health care, all the elderly out there and all of the
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very sick, this is your death sentence because you will not get the medication you need and you will not get the treatment that you need in time. so, when people start dropping like flies, then people will wake up and understand it. for the energy part of it, you will not be able to heat your home is because you are either going to have a choice of plugging in your car or heating your home. the costs are going to be so astronomical beard you hear 175 -- the costs will be so astronomical. you hear $175 -- widespread, but even that, i could not afford it and i know there are lots of people who could not afford it. the last thing i would like to say about the nomination of sotomayor, i don't understand how obama can say, or anybody can say, we need to get her in there because she is hispanic. what an insult to the hispanic people.
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that they are not smart enough to judge her on qualifications. everyone would just say, it is fine because she is hispanic. what an insult. host: time for a couple more calls on the new senator. but another senate story specifically on the democratic side. " the new york daily news -- " the new york daily news was " says maloney once in. it. maloney will take on senator kingston build a brand -- will take on senator kirsten gillibrand. party leaders want to this day out. -- party leaders want her to stay out. maloney is from the east side of manhattan. she will make an official announcement in two weeks. they say the democratic establishment led by chuck schumer has cleared other would- be challengers from the primary
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fields. bloomington, indiana, phyllis, independence caller -- independent caller. what does the number 16? caller: i do not think it matters because i think congress is pretty much an oligarchy. we have such a group of mummified congressmen and their that we need term -- in there that we need term limits. i think it is appalling. i am a senior citizen and i am amazed sitting and watching our government. but anyway, i called regarding the single-payer bill on health care. there was an article in our local paper with a research the salaries of the ceo's. the problem is agreed at the
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top. aetna ceo, $24 million. cigna, $12 million. host: what would you like to see done? caller: it just goes on and on. host: what would you like to see happen? caller: there used to be a formula for executives. some formula -- i don't think it was under law -- but something like 80%, top salary to the bottom. host: let us get back to the topic. d. think the fact that democrats control 60 seats will make a difference? will al franken make a difference? caller: i doubt it. i don't know what the answer is, but i worked in medicine for many years and it was so simple,


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